Seasonal Rentals

Seasonal Rental License Procedure

Download the    Application for Existing Structure Certificate of Occupancy

A. Complete Application

  • Provide proof of payment of property taxes from the Tax Department on the located on the same floor.
  • Provide proof of payment of Municipal water and sewer from the Water and Sewer Utility Department located on the same floor. Alternatively, provide Ocean County Health Department approval for portable water from a well.
  • All open construction permits must be inspected and approved.
  • $100 fee payable to Stafford Township.
  • Provide a separate drawing (not to scale) for each floor on 8”x 10” paper showing the building room layout. Designate the use of each room (bedroom, living, etc.) and length and width. See sample attached. Note: This drawing is not required if you provided this information last year and there is no increase in the occupancy load.
  • Schedule a date for the inspection of the building. no inspection will be scheduled without a drawing of the building layout or on file.

B. Collect the Following Information

  • After your occupant load has been determined, you can start to collect the necessary information.
  • Heat Certification form (PDF). This is a notarized statement by seller, or his agent, verifying the condition of the heating systems and solid fuel burning appliances were inspected by a professional.
  • Our Clerical Staff would be glad to notarize this form at the counter.
  • Tenant Certification in Lieu of an Affidavit.
  • Each tenant must fill out this form and be notarized. This form must be filled out by all future tenants and mailed to the Building Department as each new the tenant take occupancy.
  • Owner Certification in Lieu of an Affidavit.
  • Owner or agent must fill out and be notarized.
  • Correction Notice listing violations to be corrected (if applicable).
  • Pay $50 reinspection fee payable to Stafford Township
  • Schedule date for the reinspection.

C. Return Tenant & Owner Certification

In Lieu of an Affidavit forms and Heat Certification, turn in these forms can be mailed or dropped off to the Construction Department during normal working hours.

D. Pick Up the Seasonal Rental License

Please call first to make sure it has been signed. 609-597-1000, ext. 8532.

Sample Seasonal Rental Floor Plan Layout

Building Outline