Water Service

Installation of Water Service

  1. Provide this department with approval from the Stafford Water and Sewer Department to connect to the public water system. They are located on the first floor of the Stafford Municipal Complex and may be reached at 609-597-1000.
  2. Fill out the Construction Permit Application (PDF), Section l, Identification and the Certification in Lien of Oath Section I or II.
  3. Fill out Plumbing Subcode (Blue Form) (PDF) Technical Section A, Identification - Applicant, Section B, Plumbing Characteristics, Section C, certification (signature required), and Section D, Technical Site Data.
  4. Submit application package in its entirety to the Department of Building Inspections. A permit can be issued at the counter. The fee is $40 for each water and sewer permit.
  5. The trench shall be dug from meter box to the house and all piping shall be installed. Disconnect well, then connect public water system and turn the water on. Only hose bib connections may be connected to the well that has not been determined “well restricted” by the D.E.P. Call to schedule an inspection before 3 p.m. at 609-597-1000, ext. 8532 and you will be scheduled for inspection on the next available working day. The water service must be exposed for all inspections. After your inspection is approved, the trench may be backfilled. Safety is the responsibility of the homeowner and their contractor. A temporary fence should be provided around any open trenches.
  6. A “Dry Water Line” is a future water service requiring a permit and an inspection. Follow steps 2 through 5 mentioned above for a separate “Water Service” permit.

National Standard Plumbing Code 2009

  • 2.16 Depth of water service to be 42” minimum measured from top of pipe to grade.
  • 2.6.6 An insulated copper tracer wire shall be installed adjacent to underground non-metallic water service piping, to facilitate finding. One end shall be brought above ground inside or outside the building wall and the end shall originate at the curb. The tracer wire shall be no less than 18 AWG any color except yellow may be used.
  • 2.6.8 A plastic fence or equal barrier around any trench, ditch or holes. Posts to support barriers are to placed four feet. Plastic tape reading “Caution” will not be accepted. Failure to comply will subject you to immediate penalty assessment and fines.
  • 10.2 Identification of non-potable water such as hose bibs connected to a well that has not been determined to be “well restricted” by the D.E.P., must be posted with a sign stating: Danger -(red background)- Unsafe Water - Do Not Drink.
  • 10.6.1 Separation of water service and building sewer to be 1 foot horizontally.
  • 10.6.2 Water service near pollution to have a 10 foot separation from under or above cesspools, septic tanks, septic tank drainage fields or drainage pits.
  • 10.6.4 Water service pipe through wall shall have a 5 foot sleeve to protect the pipe, caulked and sealed waterproof.
  • 10.6.5 Water service sizing not to be less than ¾” nominal diameter for one bath and kitchen. Not less than one-inch diameter pipe up to 2 ½ bathrooms.
  • 10.12.2 Building valve is a gate valve with bleed or other full-way valve with bleed and readily accessible within five feet of the crawl space entrance or first floor closet or cabinet.
  • 10.14.6 Excessive water pressures that exceed 80 psi requires an approved pressure- reducing valve. Check with the Stafford Township Water and Sewer Department for static pressure in your area.
  • 10.15.7 Thermal expansion control tanks or equal are required for all installations due to check valves in water meters Exceptions: Instantaneous water heaters.
  • 15.1 Water service exposed completely for inspection. Where such work has been covered or concealed before it was tested and approved, it shall be exposed for testing.