Sheds which are accessory to a 1 or 2 family property

All sheds require a zoning permit. Apply in person, provide $25 check payable to Stafford Township with a completed zoning application and 2 sealed surveys.  Draw on the survey where shed will be on property showing the setbacks

Square Feet or Less

 and not exceeding 10' in height
In accordance to the rule adoption and amendments to the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code, a construction permit is not required for the installation of a shed that is 200 square feet or less in area. However, the shed must be properly anchored to the ground. The property owner is responsible to ensure compliance.

201 Square Feet

 or More
Sheds 201 or larger require a construction permit. The foundation must extend below the frost line of 30 inches. The plans submitted must show the specify shed construction, foundation and anchorage system.

Construction Permit

Fill out the Identification section located on the front of the of Construction Permit Application (PDF) and Certification in Lieu of Oath section I or II.

Fill out the Building Subcode (PDF), section A, B (Estimated Cost Building Work only), C (signature and print name) and section D by a contractor or the homeowner performing their own work.
Sheds - Footing