Required Documents for Obtaining a Construction Permit

The first requirement is approval of the location of your deck by the Stafford Township Zoning Department. For information, please contact the Zoning Department at 609-597-1000, ext. 8535.

The next requirement is 2 copies of construction plans showing:
  • Connectors
  • Detailed Footing Sizes
  • Details
  • Guards
  • Handrail Ledger
  • Metal Species and Sizes of Lumber
  • Stairs
Plans must include a floor plan view with all dimensions and a cross cut sectional view. See Construction Guidelines (PDF) for more for information. The plans may be drawn by the homeowner, New Jersey licensed architect or engineer. However, the homeowner must resided at the same address. All copies of the plans must be signed and dated by the person drawing the plans.

Fill out the Identification section located on the front of the Construction Permit Application (PDF) and Certification in Lieu of Oath section I or II.

Fill out the Building Subcode, section A, B (Estimated Cost Building Work only), C (signature and print name) and section D by a contractor or the homeowner performing their own work.

Fees for Construction Permit

The fee for the Construction Permit is based on the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Fee Schedule as per Section 5:23-4.20(c)i(2), 5:23- 4.19(b), and 5:23-4.18(k)vi. A value of the deck is determined by $15 per square foot. The estimated cost value is multiplied by $30 per thousand to compute the permit fee.

Construction Permitting Process

Upon receipt of all required documents, the Zoning Officer will review the zoning application. Then give it to the Department of Building Inspections to be reviewed for code compliance. New Jersey regulations allow 20 working days for the Building Subcode Official to review the application and issue a Construction Permit.

When the Construction Permit is ready to be issued, the applicant will be notified by phone with the cost of the permit. Included with the Construction Permit is a large yellow placard. It is important that the placard is displayed in a window facing the street.