Code Enforcement

Complaint Investigation


Code Enforcement Officers investigate all complaints within the Township and enforce regulations regarding property maintenance and adherence to the Zoning, Land Use and Development and other chapters of the Township Code. Site inspections are performed which may or may not result in an actual violation being present. If a violation exists, a notice is sent to the property owner with a time frame to comply. Follow up with the property owner is handled in connection with the exact reason for the violation and possible remedies that may be done to abate same. A second site inspection is performed after the deadline for resolution elapses or after the property owner advises that the violation no longer exists. If no correction is done, a second notice is sent. If the violation continues to exist after the second deadline, then a summons is issued. This results in a mandatory court appearance and testimony by the officer. There may be instances where a summons is immediately issued or shorter time frames are given for compliance. This is on a case-by-case basis and depends on the nature of the violation and if it poses any immediate danger to persons or property.


Either access the online complaint form or the print version (PDF).

The Stafford Township Code Book is available to residents