Planning Board

Regular Meetings

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  • 7 pm
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month

        2023 Planning Board Members         
 Joseph Kosa  - Chairperson  
 Term Expiring  12/31/2026   
 Jeanine Sciglitano Vice - Chairperson           
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2023
 Thomas Kuenzler, Class IV                                  
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2025 
 Robert Kirwan- Class IV                                  
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2024
 Stephen Donnelly -  Class IV                          
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2026

 Leonard Wilson, Class IV                             
 Term Expiring -  12/31/2025
 Mayor Gregory Myhre

Term Expiring - 12/31/2023 
 Councilman, Thomas Steadman, Class III     
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2023 
 Matthew von der Hayden - Class II               
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2023
 Owen David LaRocca-Alt. I                        
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2023
 Kevin Leonard  Alternate II                            
 Term Expiring - 12/31/2024
Linda Yockachonis, Board Secretary - 609-597-1000 Ext. 8537 
The administrative duties of the Planning Board are carried out through the Community Development Department. The administrative responsibilities include the entire development process from the organization of a conceptual meeting, to assisting the applicant and their professionals with the development application, the public hearing process, resolution compliance and the signing of a final map prior to obtaining zoning and construction permits. In addition, all public notice and hearings relating to the Master Plan re-examination and adoption are facilitated through the department.