Zoning Board of Adjustment

Regular Meetings

  • 7 pm
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month

Zoning Board of Adjustment Members       Term Expiring

Jeff Lopez - Chairman                                      12/31/2022
Louis Amato - Vice Chairman                          12/31/2023
Earl Galloway - Regular Member                     12/31/2020
Bruce Haggas - Regular Member                    12/31/2023
Dominick Ross - Regular Member                   12/31/2022
Matthew Nuzzo- Regular Member                   12/31/2021
Tim Hart  - Regular Member                            12/31/2020  
Thomas Breshahan - Alternate I                      12/31/2021   William Otte - Alternatie II                                12/31/2021   Vacant - Alternate  III                                        12/31/2020
 Mike Matelski  - Alternate IV                             12/31/2020

Linda Yockachonis, Board Secretary 

The administrative duties of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are carried out through the Community Development Department. The Board handles residential variances, use variances with associated site plans and all work related to perfecting such site plans. The Board also rules on appeals of a Zoning Officer’s decision.

Zoning Board Application:  



The following applications are to be heard at the 

July 1, 2020 Zoning Board of Adjustment Meeting:

click below to see plans 

Manafirkin Application

Manafirkin Plans

Fairview Terrace Application

Fairview Terrace Plans

Ziman Development Plans    

Ziman Application  

Darconte Plans and application          

Reagan survey

Reagan application