Zoning Board of Adjustment

Regular Meetings

  • 7 pm
  • 1st and 3rd  Wednesday of each month

Zoning Board of Adjustment Members       Term Expiring 

Dominick Ross – Chairman                                    12/31/2026

Jeff Lopez – Vice Chairman                                    12/31/2026

Gregory Guido – Regular Member                         12/31/2024

Bruce Haggas – Regular Member                          12/31/2027

William Otte – Regular Member                             12/31/2027

Leonard Wilson – Regular Member                        12/31/2025

Robert Kokai - Regular Member                             12/31/2024

Russell Davis – Alternate I                                       12/31/2025

Chris DarConte -  Alternate II                                   12/31/2025

Thomas Bresnahan – Alternate III                           12/31/2024

Royal Smith – Alternate IV                                       12/31/2024

Robin Bowles, Board Secretary 
609-597-1000  Ext. 8564

The administrative duties of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are carried out through the Community Development Department. The Board handles residential variances, use variances with associated site plans and all work related to perfecting such site plans. The Board also rules on appeals of a Zoning Officer’s decision.

Zoning Board Application: