Fire Prevention


The Stafford Township Fire Prevention Bureau is dedicated to preventing fires through public education, fire inspections, enforcement and comprehensive fire investigations in order to reduce the loss of life and property as well as to protect the environment thereby improving the quality of life for our community. We endeavor to create a progressive and safe environment that benefits all.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Enforcement of the NJ Uniform Fire Code, National Standards and Local codes.
  • Fire Investigations in coordination with Local, County & State Agencies.
  • Public Education for Schools, Adult Communities and Local Businesses.
  • Senior Home Evaluations and Smoke Detector program.
  • Fire Safety Training & Planning for Local Businesses & At Risk Communities.
  • Review and Exercise Emergency Operations Plans for our Community Partners to include Nursing Homes, Hospital, Hotel, Schools and Critical Infrastructure.
  • Coordinate with Stafford Township Office of Emergency Management.
  • Fire Wise program coordination with the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.
  • Fire Safety Permits
  • Knox Box program maintenance for Stafford Township.
  • Plan & Site review.
  • Maintenance of Documents, Records and required Reports.
  • Investigate citizen complaints
  1. Heidi Michel

    Fire Official
    Phone: (609) 597-1000 x8577

  2. Alyssa Chapman

    Fire Inspector
    Phone: (609) 597-1000 x8527