Fire Prevention

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The Stafford Township Bureau of Fire Prevention is responsible to enforce the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code as a Local Enforcing Agency. Fire Inspections are conducted annually on all Commercial, Retail, Educational and Health Care facilities. Fire Safety Education for all ages is provided along with Fire Extinguisher Training for Businesses and Groups. Fire Investigations are completed along with County and State Officials.

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  • Certifications of Inspections
  • Inputting Business records and information
  • Invoicing and Payment collection
  • Monthly and yearly reports
  • State reports for Department of Community Affairs
  • All daily mailings, correspondences and record keeping
  • Phone and counter assistance
  • Record keeping for Fire House Planning/Zoning plan approvals
  • Coordinating and scheduling for Inspectors for fire safety programs
  • Coordinating School Inspections and all Township Buildings
  • Shared info with Emergency Management
  • Organizing certificates, prizes and donations for our Poster Contest with all Stafford Schools during Fire Prevention week.
  • Fire Safety Permits
  • Township Knox-Box® program

Knox-Box® Program

Stafford Township requires all commercial occupancies with a monitored alarm system to have a Knox security key box installed. Property owners in our community store entrance keys, access cards and floor plans in high-security Knox-Box® key boxes mounted near their building entrances. Each Knox-Box® purchased by the property owner is keyed to a single master key controlled by your department. With the Knox System, there is no cost to the fire department, no waiting for a property owner to unlock the door in the middle of the night, and no forcing the door open to gain entry.

The Knox Rapid Entry System reduces response time, property damage and the liability for lost keys. To order your Knox Box please complete the online order form. The form will be forward to our office for approval and sent directly to you to be installed. Please be sure you select Stafford Township Fire Department or use 08050.
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Plug In

Fire Hazards

Did you know that plug-in air fresheners can be a fire hazard? Switch them off when you're out or go to sleep, and unplug them weekly to check for melting or scorch marks.

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