Public Works

A Message From the Superintendent

The Stafford Township Department of Public Works welcomes you. As you review the information contained in this website, you will find the various services this department offers. In addition, you will find a brief explanation on each division and who to contact when you have questions regarding these services.
The department's mission, vision, and value statements provide a set of guiding principles for our employees. We will continue to perform our duties in a well-planned, efficient, and professional manner making it possible for you to enjoy the high quality of services you have come to know and expect. You will find this website depicts the many services we provide on a daily basis for those who live, work, and visit our community. Many of these services are vital to the health and well-being of our residents. 


The Department of Public Works includes 5 separate divisions:
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Roads
  • Sanitation/Recycling
  • Transportation (Dial-A-Ride)
  • Vehicle Maintenance
Other services include:
  • Clean Communities Program Coordination: To learn more about this program please click here: Clean Communities Program  
  • Gypsy Moth Control Program Coordination
  • Limited Lagoon Maintenance
  • Mosquito Control
  • Stormwater Management Program Coordination

Our Mission

To furnish proactive services of exceptionally high quality while maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment for our residents and visitors; assuring the most practical, cost effective and environmentally positive approaches in all aspects of our Public Works Department. Our proficient and trained personnel are prepared to serve our community on the team of first responders in emergency situations.

Our Vision

A conviction to satisfy the desires and merit the trust of residents and vacationers with professional and courteous service incorporating a superior workforce with the capability to recognize and execute the most efficient practices to support our enthusiasm and to be admired and respected as the best Public Works Department in the state.

Our Core Value Statement

Accomplished Tactics

Assessing and pinpointing the abilities and specific talents of personnel to compose our specialized divisions in an effort to accomplish our mission.


A high level of expectations, principles and ethics insure a responsible and honest department.


Exceptional service, commitment to legal compliance and dedication to resident needs and satisfaction.

Professional & Educated Workforce

Up to date educational training for safety, skill and emergency response to keep personnel efficient, resourceful and well-organized.

Teamwork & Positive Approach

To maintain a safe, optimistic and organized commitment of working together to accomplish our common goal of a higher quality of life for our residents while adapting and resolving challenging issues and differences.