Street Sweeping

This program provides for the sweeping of 187 miles of township streets.

Standard Procedure

Each street will be swept 3 times annually. A Curbed Commercial Zone has been established and is swept monthly as per NJ Tier A Stormwater Management regulations. Storm Water Management rules require Tier A municipalities establish a Street Sweeping Program for streets operated by the municipality. Tier A municipalities are required to regularly sweep curbed streets with storm drains that have a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less in predominately commercial areas a minimum of once per month, weather and street conditions permitting.

Stafford Township utilized 2 Elgin Eagle Street Sweepers with high dump debris hoppers. This feature allows the sweeper operator to dump the debris hopper directly into a dump truck stationed in the route area. This eliminates the need for the sweeper to return to the Department of Public Works facility to empty the hopper.

Last year, 903.4 miles of roadway were swept and 1,978 cubic yards of debris was collected.

Sweeping debris is stored on a debris storage pad at the Department of Public Works facility. When the pad is full, the debris a screened by the Ocean County Road Department. Once screened, the debris is taken to the Ocean County Landfill for disposal.

There will be no street sweeping done on trash or recycling days for that Route.

During the months of November, December, January and February, street sweeping will be done on an “as needed” basis.

Streets Required to Be Swept Monthly

  • Access Road
  • Beach Avenue (Route 9 to Division)
  • Beacon Avenue
  • Captain Randolph
  • Cook Street
  • Dock Cramer (McKinley to Truex)
  • East Road (Truex to Route 72)
  • General Grier Boulevard
  • Haywood Road
  • Hilliard Drive (Route 9 to Division)
  • Lakewood Avenue (Route 9 to Division)
  • Lyle Avenue (Route 9 to Division
  • Martin Truex Jr. Boulevard
  • Mermaid Drive (Route 72 to Forecastle)
  • Mill Creek Road (Route 72 to Charle Neptune Road (Route 72 to Nautilus)
  • Stafford Park Boulevard
  • Washington Avenue