Welcome to Stafford Purchasing 

car picThe Purchasing Department’s goal is to provide the highest quality of goods and services needed by all Township departments in a timely basis, at the lowest possible price and in compliance with all State Laws and Regulations. The Department promotes a fair, open and competitive purchasing environment under the guise of the Local Public Contracts Law, regulations, and Stafford Township Administrative Code.

General Operations

The Department obtains prices for goods and services through formal and informal quotes, receipt of bids, state contracts, cooperative purchasing and/or request for proposal process (RFP). The purchasing staff, which includes the Purchasing Agent (QPA, RPPO), Purchasing Specialist (RPPS) and Clerk/Bookkeeper, maintains a good working relationship with all Stafford Township Departments to ensure a fair and open purchasing process. The purchasing staff works very closely with Accounts Payable and Finance to ensure that invoices are accurate and promptly paid.

The Township Co-op

The Department is the Lead Agency for the Stafford Township Cooperative Pricing System (Co-op). The Co-op consists of 35 members (Townships, Board’s of Education, and Municipal Utility Authorities) including Stafford Township. A fee of $500 is assessed to each member on a yearly basis. The Department is responsible for obtaining each member’s quantities for all commodities bid under the Co-op. The Department designs the bid specifications, advertises for receipt of co-op bids, evaluates the bids and recommends award and provides copies of the resolutions and contracts. The Department also meets quarterly with the co-op members to discuss their upcoming needs and awarded contracts. The Department is also responsible for maintaining and updating all documents and reporting with the Division of Local Governments Services with regards to the Co-op.