Pavilion Ceremony, Historic Church and Park Use Permits


Please contact Deb Budesa at 609-597-1000 ext 8583 for the most up to date policies and procedures regarding park reservations and usage.

Policies may also be changed, cancelled or modified at the discretion of Stafford Recreation at any time.


  • Events exceeding 60 participants require a special event permit.
  • All applicable fees must be paid in order to receive a permit for use.
  • Submit application at least 30 days before the event.
  • Permit is not transferable or assignable.
  • A Certificate of Insurance/Hold Harmless Agreement naming Stafford Township 260 E. Bay Avenue Manahawkin NJ 08050 as Additionally Insured must accompany application. Minimum amount of liability insurance coverage required is $2,000,000(two million dollars).
  • No alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, firearms/fireworks are allowed in parks or facilities.
  • No tents, structures, equipment i.e. bounce house are allowed in the park.
  • On-site charcoal grills are available for use; no additional cooking equipment may be used; no propane or wood-fired cooking is allowed.  A fire extinguisher must be on hand if using charcoal grills.
  • The applicant must receive specific permission in advance from the Recreation Department for the playing of live or recorded music. No amplified music.
  • No motor vehicles are permitted in the Park area, including path systems.
  • Permit will be issued for a specific 4-hour period between the hours of 9:00 AM and ½ hour prior to dusk.
  • Permitted usage by Non-profit organizations, Civic Associations, and Recreation Programs.
  • Private citizen applications must be made by a responsible person whose name must be listed on the Certificate of Insurance as Certificate Holder. The person listed as responsible must be in attendance at the event at all times.
  • Commercial use of parks or selling of any services or products is prohibited.
  • The park use permit shall be kept at the activity/event and must be shown to any authorized representative of Stafford Township or any law enforcement officer upon demand.
  • Permittee is responsible to pay all costs associated with emergency response and medical services.
  • Permittee agrees to have the event site returned to pre-activity/pre event condition by the conclusion of the permitted use, or as determined by recreation staff.

Wedding - Ceremony - Pavilion - Special Event Permits

Manahawkin Lake Park Pavilion permit application

Mill Creek Park Pavilion permit application

Mill Creek Park Special Event permit application

Ocean Acres Lake Park permit application

Permits must be submitted for scheduling and approval to:

Deb Budesa, Stafford Recreation 
25 Pine Street
Manahawkin, NJ 08050

If you have any further questions contact 609-597-1000 ext. 8583.


The Old Baptist Church, 120 N. Main Street, on the north side of Manahawkin Lake Park, can also be reserved (especially in case of bad weather) through the Stafford Township Historical Society.

Contact Caroline Scales at 609-290-4252 to schedule historic buildings.

Click the link for more information and to download the Old Baptist Church use agreement .