Honor Roll

Stafford Township Police Prayer

O Eternal God, the source of life and light of all peoples, we pray that you would endow this police agency with your grace and wisdom. Give inspiration and understanding to those who serve this community, state and nation. Grant vision to its chief, command staff and to all who wear the insignia of Stafford police, give your guiding spirit of sacrificial courage and loving service. Amen.

Patrolman Henry (Rick) R. Drappi

Badge Number 8

Served honorably, faithfully and with distinction with the Stafford Township Police Department. Patrolman Drappi lost his life in a freak motor vehicle incident at the young age of 21. Since his untimely death there has been displayed in the police department a memorial plaque and an annual award program established, appropriately called the “Patrolman Henry (Rick) Drappi Award” which each member of the police department attempts to attain meritoriously.
Patrolman Drappi

Special Police Officer John Houlroyd

December 28, 1917 - June 12, 1981
Tec 5 - U.S. Army World War II

John Houlroyd was inducted into the Army in May 1942. He rose to the rank of Tec 5, serving in Troop A, 91st Calvalry Reconnaissance Squadron, seeing battles and campaigns in both Italy and North Africa. He was the recipient of 3 bronze stars for exemplary conduct in ground combat. At the end of World War II John married Mary Agnes McCann and they were the parents of 5 daughters, Donna, Barbara, Maryann, Arlene and Sharon. John’s police career began in Trenton, New Jersey where he served as a Special Law Enforcement Officer for 20 plus years and subsequently served as a Stafford Police Dispatcher in 1974 and then a Special Law Enforcement Officer for numerous years with honor and distinction.
John Houlroyd

Chief Williard Inman


Williard Inman was appointed Chief of Police in calendar year 1955. Stafford was a part time agency at that time and appointments were of 1 year duration. Chief Inman was among the first few men to serve in that position. He was dedicated and committed to duty.
Williard Inman

Patrolman Larry Dunfee, Jr.

Badge Number 10
1957 - April 27, 1981

Served honorably, faithfully and with distinction with the Stafford Township Police Department. Patrolman Dunfee was en route to police headquarters to report for duty when he lost his life in a motor vehicle accident at the young age of 28. Patrolman Dunfee’s son Russell was appointed to the Stafford Township Police Department on December 8, 2004, following in the foot steps of his father, grandfather, retired Sergeant Earl “Bud” Conklin and his uncle, Sergeant David Johnson, continuing their police legacy.
Patrolman Dunfee

Police Explorer Janet Sheldon

Badge Number 1
August 29, 1968 - September 15, 1985

Janet Sheldon was this agency’s first Police Explorer. Police Explorers consisted of youths from within the community who were interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement. The program taught the youths the importance of military bearing, chain of command, and service to the community. Janet became ill and passed away as a result of leukemia in 1985 at the tender age of 17. All through her illness Janet continued to have a smile on her face and a happy-go-lucky personality. She is missed by all who knew her.
Janet Sheldon

Special Officer Clark Eugene Reeder

January 2, 1921 - April 15, 1986
CM2 U.S. Navy - WWII

Loving Father, Grand Father and Great Grandfather dedicated his life to country and community serving as a Special Police Officer honorably and faithfully in the Stafford Police Department for numerous years and was a life member of Stafford Volunteer Fire Company Number 1. (Loyal To Duty)
Clark Eugene Reeder

Captain Walter Brummer

March 7, 1940 - October 20, 1991

Who served honorably, faithfully and with distinction with the Stafford Township Police Department. A friend, a leader who will always live on in the hearts of his men. “Walter Brummer Boulevard,” was named after Captain Brummer as he was held in such high regard by the community and all who knew him.
Captain Brummer

Special Police Officer Constable Daniel D. Tortorello, Sr.

March 21, 1916 - July 1, 2001
U.S. Navy - World War II

Special Officer Tortorello served in the U.S. Navy and was Honorably Discharged on May 3, 1945. He began his Police Service in 1958, while Stafford Police operated as a part-time Department. He served as a Constable or Special Police Officer well into the 1960s and also served in the Stafford Volunteer Fire Company for 50 years, as a Fireman/Fireman Policeman. Special Police Officer Tortorello in the early years was also the in-house Police Radio Tecnician, providing and repairing radios for police cars in Stafford and Long Beach Island. Dan was most assuredly community oriented and a very dedicated Public Servant.
Special Officer Tortorello

Detective John “Jack” Shapley

July 22, 1936 - December 15, 2004

Detective John “Jack” Shapley joined the Stafford Township Police Department as a Special Police Officer on November 10, 1969 and was appointed to the rank of Patrolman on January 8, 1971. Before coming to Stafford he worked for the Harvey Cedars Police Department and the Surf City Police Department. In 1979 Jack was appointed to the rank of Detective where he remained for the duration of his 25 year career with Stafford. Detective Shapley received numerous awards and commendations throughout his career, many coming from the people he assisted in their time of need. Detective Shapley enjoyed the Christmas season when he would dress up as Santa for the children during special township events. After retirement Jack and Carol moved to Winter Haven, Florida where they enjoyed the warmer climates.

Wife - Carol, Son - John “Chuck” Jr., Daughter - Lynda Carol.
Detective John Jack Shapley


July 27, 1943 – March 23, 2005

Dispatcher Midgley became a member of the Stafford Township Police Department in October of 1986. Before coming to Stafford, she was employed as a Dispatcher for the Surf City Police Department for five years.

During the 12 years that she worked as a Dispatcher she handled routine and emergent phone and radio calls with skill and professionalism. Dispatcher Midgley served both this Department and community with distinction.

Mary Midgley

Chief Police Dispatcher Gina Signorelli

January 14, 1934 - December 21, 2007

Employed in the year 1975 as Chief Police Dispatcher. She served in that position for 25 years until her retirement in the year 2000. For 29 years to include 6 years after her retirement from police service, Chief Dispatcher Signorelli organized and detailed the Stafford/Long Beach Island Police Department’s Memorial Service. She was truly a committed, loyal and caring employee and friend.
Chief Dispatcher Signorelli

Sergeant Norman Steadman

April 1, 1937 - December 5, 2009
U.S. Army - Staff Sergeant 1955-1960

Norman was inducted into the military service in 1955. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War attaining the rank of Staff Sergeant prior to being honorably discharged in 1960. Norman married Rosemarie Tortoriello and had 3 sons, Thomas, Darin, and Raymond. Norman enlisted in the Stafford Police Department, March 9, 1970. In June of 1972 he was promoted to Sergeant. He was assigned to supervise the Detective Bureau in January 1995 until May 1996 when he was assigned to the Patrol Division as Platoon Sergeant. Sergeant Steadman retired from the Police Service on July 31, 1998 after 28 plus years of dedicated service.
Norman Steadman


October 13, 1954 – February 26, 2011

Dispatcher Powell became a member of the Stafford Township Police Department in June of 1988, and served 11 years as Police Dispatcher.

Dispatcher Powell also served as a Police Matron during her years of service. During those years she received many commendations from the public.

Dispatcher Powell served her community with distinction.
Karen Powell

Deputy Chief Robert J. Murphy

September 12, 1933 - April 3, 2011
U.S. Navy 1952 -1955

In 1967 Murphy joined the Long Beach Township Police Department where he attained the rank of Sergeant. In 1974 he joined the Stafford Police Department and graduated from the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia. In 1987 after progressing through the ranks he was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police. After successfully completing the Stafford testing process Lieutenant Murphy was promoted and became the first Deputy Chief of Police. To date, Robert Murphy has the distinction of having been the only Stafford Officer to serve in that capacity. Deputy Chief Murphy retired from the police service in 1994 after 27 years of honorable dedicated and loyal service.
Robert J. Murphy

Sergeant Thomas W. Vogel, Jr.

August 8, 1952 - December 26, 2011
U.S. Marine Corps - Staff Sergeant

Thomas Vogel joined the Marine Corps December 15, 2970. During his tour of duty he was the recipient of the National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct, and Meritorious Mass. Tom served his Country for six years. He subsequently joined the Little Egg Harbor Police Department serving there for 3 ½ years until he joined the Stafford Police Department July 1, 1982. During his police career he served as a K-9 Officer, Training Officer, Police Academy Instructor, Motorcycle Officer, Traffic Safety Officer, Detective and Commander of the Police Honor Guard. Tom was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, December 6, 2005. He received 36 official commendations during his tenure, never losing his military bearing and his exemplary military appearance in uniform. He was at the top of the Department in productivity and was the Field Training Officer for many Stafford Officers. Sergeant Vogel retired from the Stafford Police Department, February 1, 2008 after having served as a Policeman for over 25 years with Honor and Distinction.
Thomas Vogel

Special Officer Michael Steinhauer

November 27, 1974 - September 16, 2013

Michael Steinhauer joined the Stafford Township Police Department on May 1, 1999 as a Police Dispatcher. In July of 2002, Mike decided to change jobs and became a Police Service Representative where he served with honor and distinction until his passing. Mike was the recipient of numerous letters of commendation from citizens and police supervisors. Mike’s easy-going nature was loved by all and he will be missed greatly. Michael Steinhauer was posthumously promoted to the rank of Special Police officer on September 17, 2013.
Michael Steinhauer

Police Dispatcher Nancy J. King

January 23, 1943 - June 18, 2014

Dispatcher King joined the Stafford Township Police Department January 28, 1975 as 1 of 5 female Dispatchers hired to begin a 24 hour Police Dispatch/Communication Center. Most, if not all Police Dispatch Centers in Ocean County at that time were staffed by all male personnel, establishing Dispatcher King as a female pioneer in the field. During her 30 plus years of service to the Community, Dispatcher King proved to be invaluable. She handled routine and emergent phone and radio calls with great skill and a high level of professionalism resulting in positive resolutions. Police Dispatcher King served her Community for over 30 years and during her tenure received many commendations.
Nancy King

Detective Sergeant James M. Given

July 24, 1939 - June 27, 2014
EN 3 (SS) United States Navy

Detective Sergeant Given enlisted in the Navy on December 16, 1958 at the age of seventeen. He served 3 ½ years in the Submarine Service and then in the Naval Reserve until July 21, 1960. Detective Sergeant Given began his Police career when he became a member of the Ship Bottom Police Department in the early sixties. On June 2, 1968 he left Ship Bottom and joined the Stafford Township Police Department. In 1974 Patrolman Given was assigned to the newly formed Detective Bureau and had the distinct honor of being Stafford’s first officially appointed Detective. Two years later Detective Given was promoted to Sergeant and headed the Detective Bureau until his retirement in 2002. During that time he was instrumental in solving many criminal cases and making many criminal arrests. Detective Sergeant Given was also known for his strong faith in God and for being a very charitable man. He served his community and the Police Department faithfully for over 33 years.
James Given

Sergeant John L. Linck, Jr.

August 26, 1960 - August 17, 2014

John Linck, Badge No. 62, joined the Stafford Township Police Department January 1, 1995. January 2, 2001, he became a member of the K-9 Unit with his Belgian Malinois, Marco. On February 15, 2005 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeant Linck was the recipient of 42 commendations and the prestigious “200 Club Award” for “Valor” for single handedly apprehending a homicidal/suicidal man brandishing a 15” butcher knife.
John Linck

Captain Floyd W. Cranmer

July 25, 1932 - November 26, 2014
U.S Army - Corporal 1953-1956

Captain Cranmer was a young patriot, joining the Army at the age of 21, attaining the rank of Corporal. Immediately after being honorably discharged from the Army in 1956, he joined the Stafford Police Department. When the Police Department became a full time Agency in 1963, he was one of two full-time Officers appointed to the P.D., Frank Carletto as Chief of Police and Floyd as Sergeant of Police. Floyd advanced through the ranks to Captain and upon Chief Carletto’s retirement in 1973, served for two years as Acting Chief of Police. During his 35 years of service he performed all the duties of a Policeman from patrol to investigating homicides. Captain Cranmer served his God, Country, Community, and Police Department faithfully, with Honor and Distinction.
Floyd Cranmer


APRIL 28, 1953 – JANUARY 8, 2016

Nancy was employed as a Police Dispatcher from calendar year 1979 until 1987. She was a dedicated Public Servant who not only served the residents and general public in the Township as a Police Dispatcher but, volunteered to serve on the Stafford First Aid Squad as a Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), as well. Dispatcher Johnson demonstrated daily her commitment to those she served.

Nancy Johnson


DECEMBER 25, 1936 – MARCH 7, 2016

Marilyn joined the Stafford Police Department in 1980 after moving from New York City to Long Beach Island. She served with distinction as a Police Dispatcher until 1987, when she departed the Police Service. Prior to her police employment she worked for Newspapers to include the local ‘Sandpaper”. Undoubtedly, those who had the good fortune to interact with Marilyn on or off the job, quickly recognized how intelligent, generous, and passionate she was for what she believed in, which included racial and gender justice.

Marilyn Kraka

Patrolman William G. Sillitoe

February 28, 1958 - February 5, 2017

Patrolman Sillitoe joined the Stafford Police Department on March 6, 1978 at age 20. On May 26, 1978, he graduated from Class 31 of the Ocean County Police Academy having distinguished himself early on by winning the prestigious “Top Firearms Award”. For many years over his long tenure, Officer Sillitoe was assigned to Traffic Safety duties and was the primary Police Motorcycle Patrol Officer for the Department. Notably, among the many specialized schools he attended were “Motorcycle Instructor” and “Master Motorcycle Instructor” which were taught and sponsored by the Maryland State Police.  Subsequently, Officer Sillitoe won motorcycle competition awards and instructed and certified new cycle operators for this PD and outside agencies as well. 

Officer Sillitoe was the recipient of many commendations for his efforts in the area of Traffic Safety over his 30 year career, retiring from the Police Service on July 1, 2008.

Wife-Darlene, son-Erick, daughter-Amanda, stepson-Jordon
Note: William Sillitoe prior to his Police Service attained the rank of ‘Eagle Scout”.

William Sillitoe


DECEMBER 26, 1940 – FEBRUARY 22, 2018


Patrolman Coviello graduated from Arch Bishop Walsh High School in 1959. He then enlisted and served four years in the U.S. Navy. Subsequent to his military service in 1963, he joined the Irvington N.J. Police Department until 1971, when he left that agency to join the Stafford Police Department.

During his tenure with the Stafford Police Department he attended various police seminars and schools including Northwestern University’s Traffic Institute and subsequently assumed duties as Stafford’s Traffic Safety Officer. Joe also functioned as President of PBA Local 175. Officer Coviello served Honorably and with Distinction a total of 20 years in Law Enforcement.

Joseph Coviello


October 24, 1934 – December 13, 2018

Employed as a Police Dispatcher on February 10, 1975. She served in that position and as a Police Matron for 22 years until her retirement on April 1, 1997.

During Police Dispatcher Gerber’s tenure her training was extensive, receiving specialized Dispatch and related training from such sources as the Ocean County Police Academy, New Jersey State Police and the University of Delaware, to cite a few. She obviously applied that training very effectively as verified by the numerous commendations she received for her daily dealings with routine and emergent situations via police radio, telephone, and in person. Her communication skills and people skills were unparalleled. She served the community and the P.D. with Honor and Distinction.

Recipient of the S.T.P.D. Good Conduct Award, May 8, 1987


Detective Sergeant Joseph C. Hannah

January 14, 1946 - April 22, 2019

Joseph Hannah was inducted into the Air Force on October 27, 1964. During his four-year enlistment in the military service, Joe attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. Subsequently, on March 13, 1972, he joined the Stafford Police Department and his police career began. He attended Basic Police Training at the Ocean County Police Academy where he also attended many in-service training courses to include Hostage Negotiations, Criminal Investigations and Survival Training, to cite a few. Patrolman Hannah also received numerous awards to include Good Conduct Awards and Firearms Awards as he was ranked Departmentally as an “Expert” with his Police Service Revolver, ie:

            1977  Ocean County Police Department Pistol Match

                        1st. Place 4 man Team Trophy

                        2nd Place Individual – Trophy


On December 2, 1974, Patrolman Hannah was meritoriously promoted to Detective Sergeant. Further, in 1979 he was assigned to command the newly formed Police Tactical Unit, consisting of 10 officers primarily trained in the areas of Civil Disobedience and the Execution of High-Risk Warrants.


Sergeant Hannah served the people of Stafford Township Faithfully and with Distinction until his retirement on December 31, 1994, from the Police Service. 


Daughters: Donna Marie, Sherri Lynn, Karen Elaine



January 14, 1929 – July 22, 2019

Dorothy Muth became a member of the Stafford Police Deaprtment January 23, 1964. During her tenure with the P.D. she served as School Crossing Guard, Police Matron, Court Attendant, and Special Police Officer.

In 1982 she was honored with a plaque presented by the then Chief of Police, Larry D. Parker, commending her for 22 years of service as Stafford’s first School Crossing Guard.

While simultaneously serving in various positions within the Police Department, she also was a Charter Member of the Stafford Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary, an “Active” Member of the Stafford Township First Aid Squad, and a Member of the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church.

Dorothy Muth was a motivated, loyal member of the Police Department and served her community with distinction.


Lieutenant Stephen Bonner

April 24, 1949 - November 2, 2019

Lt. Bonner joined the Stafford Police Department in 1978 as a Special Police Officer. He was appointed as a Patrolman on September 1, 1979. He served the Department as a detective where he specialized in arson and sexual assault investigations. In 1989 he was promoted to Sergeant and in 1994 he was promoted to Lieutenant. 

Lt. Bonner retired on July 1, 1996. He was the recipient of numerous awards and commendations. He was dedicated to his job and his fellow officers. He was committed to making Stafford Township a great place to live.