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The information contained on these pages is from the summer of 2019. We have left this here to give residents an idea of the multitude of camp programs we offer. While this gives you an idea of how our basic structure is set up, stay tuned for even bigger and better programs for the summer of 2020!

Dear Parents,


On the following pages you will find the information for the 2019 Stafford Recreation Summer Camp programs.  Our dedicated staff works all year long to bring you and your family the best safe and fun-filled programs you will see offered this season.  


Stafford Recreation offers summer camp in four distinct areas to provide a summer of adventure for children of all ages!  They are Day Camp, Trip Camp, Pre-School Day Camp and a wide variety of Specialty Camps.  These programs are offered a la carte and parents can choose as little or as many offerings for their children.  There are no minimums or maximums of programs to register for.  All activities however must be chosen in advance, there are no drop-in programs. No before or after care is offered. 

This summer we are also updating some of our policies in order to ensure that our camp provides your children with the best experience possible. 

Beginning this year no cell phones or electronic devices will be allowed for campers or counselors.  Camp supervisors will carry a camp cell phone for emergency use.  This policy will govern all camp activities including day and trip camp.

We understand your desire to make sure your child is having fun and being well taken care of, however, cell phones and electronic devices are prohibited. In emergencies campers can be reached by parents/guardians utilizing the site phone and/or the supervisors camp cell phone. Campers can use of these same devices if a parent/guardian must be contacted. Disregarding this rule will result in confiscation of the device and it will be returned at the end of the day.

Not only are cell phones expensive and can be lost or stolen, usage can interfere with a child's overall camp experience. Summer camp offers a great opportunity to learn about and navigate social situations while not being constantly connected and immersed within a digital world.

Also beginning in 2019 our refund policy will be changing as well.  Refunds will be given in the form of a credit.  The only exception to this rule will be if a program is cancelled by Stafford Recreation due to lack of enrollment or weather conditions.  In that case parents will have the option to apply the money to other camp programs or receive a refund once a Purchase Order has been generated, signed and approves for payment by the governing body.

Refund criteria for cancellations made by a parent will remain the same and must be met in order to receive a voucher for camp credit.  As always you must notify Stafford Recreation 1 week in advance of an absence or a child must miss a complete week of scheduled activities to be eligible for a refund credit. If these criteria are met, it is then the parents responsibility to fill out a refund request form(available at camp), as always.  Once approved by a camp supervisor a credit voucher will be issued to parents/guardians.  You may then apply this towards any available camp programs within the remaining season. This policy will help continue our ability to bring you the best programs at an affordable price.     


If you should have any questions regarding summer camp programs please do not hesitate to call me at 609.597.1000 ext. 8578 or email at jhazelton@staffordnj.gov.


We are looking forward to another great summer of memories and adventures with you and your children!




Jason Hazelton

Program Supervisor

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