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Thank you for your interest in the Stafford Township Green Team. If you are looking to get involved or find out more about our actions and initiatives you can contact Matthew von der Hayden at 609-597-1000 ext. 8516 or by email 

Community support is needed, welcomed, and appreciated!grass

About the Stafford Township Green Team

The Stafford Township Green Team was established in 2019 and received its Certified Bronze Level in 2020.  They have completed 20+ Sustainable Jersey actions including:

  • Community Education & Outreach Events
  • Volunteer maintained and cultivated Community Gardens throughout the Township
  • Installation of EV Charging Stations at the Municipal Complex and Bay Avenue Community Center
  • Recycling Depot
  • Municipal Carbon Footprint
  • Prescription Drug Safety & Disposal
  • Backyard Composting Program
  • Stafford Township Farmers Market 

The Stafford Township Green Team's 2022 actions include educating the public on backyard composting and proper recycling, creating safe routes to school, implementing a Natural Resources Inventory, and preparing the community for the statewide law banning single use plastic and paper bags.   

We invite the public to attend an in-person meeting or visit one, or all three, of our community gardens. Our Farmer’s Market at Heritage Park runs from June through mid-September with a number of local vendors and community groups.  Please consider joining us. We are eager to connect with our community members and organizations in our mission to promote sustainable living in our town.

The Green Team meetings are open to the public and meet the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the Stafford Township Township Council Meeting Room. 

Green Team Members:  farmers market mayor myhre

  • Robert Kirwan
  • Glenn Perry 
  • Megan Brunatti 
  • Sharon McKenna 
  • Robert J. Kokai 
  • Monica Zabroski
  • Vicky McErlean 
  • Barbara Reynolds
  • Matthew von der Hayden, Township Administrator/Director of Water & Sewer Utility
  • Linda Yockachonis, Planning Board/Environmental Secretary

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Green Team Meeting Agendas and Minutes


October 7, 2019          Agenda      Minutes 

December 2, 2019      Agenda        Minutes


January  6, 2020       Agenda        Minutes

February 3, 2020      Agenda       Minutes

March 9, 2020          Agenda         Minutes

June 1, 2020            Agenda           Minutes

July 6, 2020             Agenda          Minutes

August  3, 2020        Agenda       Minutes

September 14, 2020    Agenda      Minutes

October 5, 2020         Agenda       Minutes

December  7, 2020    Agenda       Minutes


January 11, 2021      Agenda     Minutes

February 1, 2021- CANCELED      Agenda   

March 1, 2021          Agenda   Minutes

April 5, 2021        Agenda    Minutes

May 3, 2021      Agenda     Minutes

June 3, 2021    Agenda   Minutes

July 1, 2021    Agenda     Minutes

August 5, 2021 Agenda   Minutes

September 2, 2021 Agenda   Minutes

October 7, 2021   Agenda    Minutes

November 4, 2021   Agenda Minutes 

December 2, 2021 Agenda   Minutes


January 6, 2022      Agenda       Minutes

February 3, 2022     Agenda     Minutes

March 10, 2022       Agenda     Minutes

April 7, 2022            Agenda     Minutes

May 5, 2022            Agenda   Minutes 

June 6, 2022            Agenda   Minutes

August 1, 2022        Agenda   Minutes

October 3, 2022        Agenda  Minutes

November 7, 2022    Agenda