Free Rabies Clinic


Stafford Township's Rabies Clinic has been post ponded. We will advertise again when the clinic has been rescheduled. 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and CDC guidelines extra safety precautions have been put in place to ensure every attendee stays safe and healthy. This will be a DRIVE- THRU rabies clinic.

 Pre-Registration is required to attend. If you wish to attend please fill out the forms posted below and email them to Once you have submitted your registration you will receive a confirmation email with directions. 

Please have a copy of this confirmation with you the day of the clinic, you will be required to show proof that you are registered in order to enter the clinic. 

 We will not be selling dog or cat licenses the day of the clinic but there will be a drop box available for residents that wish to obtain their license after they receive their vaccine. Please have your check filled out with your license application in a sealed envelope. We will process all licenses after the clinic ends, your license tags and receipts will be mailed back to you. License fees are $9.00-Spayed/neutered pets and  $12.00 - Unaltered Pets.

We look forward to seeing you and your fur babies soon. 

Rabies Clinic Pre-Registration Form



Phone Number:                                                                                              

Is your pet licensed with Stafford Township (please circle one)  YES   or  NO   

If your answer was YES-- What was your last pet license #                            

If your answer was NO PLEASE complete the following form BELOW         

Pets Name:                                                                                                      


Gender: (circle one) MALE  or FEMALE             Age                                             

Color:                                                   Hair Type: Short    Meduim    Long        

Vet's Name:                                                                                                     

Vet's Phone Number:                                                                                        

Rabies Expiration Date:                                                                                    

PLEASE EMAIL  Proof of Prior Rabies Vaccination to or fax (609) 978-1841

  If your previous Rabies Certificate is not received you WILL NOT receive a 3 year Vaccination.


If you are having difficulty submitting your registration or have any other questions please contact the department at (609) 597-1000 Ext. 8525 for assistance.

Proof of Prior Rabies must be emailed or faxed prior to May 1st in order to receive a Three (3) Year Rabies Vaccination. There will be no EXCEPTIONS. Residents that fail to send in prior proof of rabies with their registration with only be eligible for a ONE YEAR Vaccination.

NOTE: If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of submitting your registration please contact the Animal Control Department at (609) 597-1000 Ext 8525.