On-Line Medical Care

If you are interested in on-line care please refer to below:

www.Horizoncareonline.com - USE THIS LINK TO SIGN UP FOR ON LINE CARE. (please note: you will have to register to this site in order to proceed if you are not already registered for on-line care). This is a separate portal from Horizon Blue’s website.

You also have the ability to use your own doctor if they enrolled with horizon blue for telemedicine treatment.

You must make the appointment with your doctor directly. Not all doctors are enrolled, you will need to confirm with your doctor.

To search for doctors erolled:

Sign in and you will have to select from the following three boxes and search your doctor’s name. If they are enrolled a picture will pop up of your doctor. You will contact your doctor to make the telemedicine appointment and they should guide you through to start your appointment by the doctor.