60-31 Registration to Keep Or Raise Chicken or Other Fowl

Standards for Keeping Fowl
(1) Only female chickens are permitted. No roosters will be allowed on any residential property
(2) Shelter must be accessible which will provide shade and give protection from the elements.
(3) Care and management to premises must be maintained at all times in a sanitary manner so as not to create odors and any outdoor yard area shall be kept free of debris, weeds, and standing water. Please review 60-19 for Sanitary Requirements 
(4) A minimum lot size of 0.20 acres is required for keeping any fowl pursuant to this chapter. The number of Fowl permitted is based upon twelve (12) total for a lot of 0.20 acres, for a lot size of 0.20 to 0.50 acres the number of fowl allowed will be increased to twenty (20) total. However residents which currently own more then the allowed amount will be grandfathered in only if they are able to provide proof of purchase prior to the ordinances effective date.
(5) An inspection of the premises will be required at the time the initial registration is applied for. The inspection will be preformed by the Animal Control Officer. 
(6) The annual registration fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars shall be paid by the end of the first quarter each calendar year. 

Chicken Registration Application 




Phone Number:______________________________________________________________

Number of Fowl:______________   Species________________________________________

Number of Females __________________________Males___________________________

Description of Fowls:_________________________________________________________

Location of Pen/s:____________________________________________________________

Lot Size:____________________________________________________________________

Lot/Block Number:___________________________________________________________

Additional Livestock on Property________________________________________________

Date of Purchase:____________________________________________________________

Additional Comments_________________________________________________________






All Applications should be mailed to 260 E. Bay Ave., Manahawkin NJ 08050  Attention: Animal Control. For any other questions or concerns; or to set up an inspection please contact the Animal Control department at (609) 597-1000 ext. 8525.