Black Bear Sightings

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Black Bear Facts

- Black Bears are more or less the Golden Retrievers of bears. They are generally harmless animals.

- New Jersey currently has an estimated population of 3,100 Black Bears. 

- They are Omnivores- Their diets consist of vegetation, fruits, and insects. THEY are not meat eaters.

- They are excellent climbers

- Black Bears are very territorial. This time of year it is common to come across a young juvenile roaming around looking for a place to settle down. Adult males in northern NJ  push juveniles out of their territory which is why we are starting to see more black bears each year in central and south New Jersey. 

What should you do if you see a Black Bear? 

-Do not approach or feed the bear, stay inside and leave it alone. Stay Calm, there is no need to PANIC.  You can report the sighting to local authorities. Remember while it is rare to see a bear in this area it is becoming more common as the population in Northern NJ grows and migrates south. 

For more information on black bears please visit the NJDEP WEBSITE