The Stafford Township governing body and Department of Public Works have started the Adopt-A-Fire Hydrant program, to ensure the fire hydrants stay clear during snow storms. Why keep the fire hydrants clear? Keeping fire hydrants clear is crucial to saving lives. While most fire trucks do carry water, it may not be quite enough to completely put out a fire. This is why it's important to keep the continuous water flow from hydrants available. Hydrants buried in snow are difficult to see and access, all of which wastes time for the Fire Department.

The program will enlist volunteers, either individually, or as an association to adopt and monitor fire hydrants along the roadways throughout the Township. All fire hydrants located within Stafford Township roads are eligible for adoption. The fire hydrants have been inventoried and upon adoption, the Department of Public Works will assign any available hydrant. Residents who Adopt-A-Fire Hydrant will follow the inspection process detailed below.

Adopt-A-Hydrant Checklist