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1. Is it necessary call the Public Works office to schedule a bulk, metal, brush or leaf collection?
2. What can I put to the curb for collection on my zone week?
3. How do I dispose of old carpeting since Public Works does not collect it at the curb?
4. Are there any restrictions on wood left for collection?
5. If I replace my fence, will Stafford Township collect the old panels?
6. How should I put out glass – like a glass top table or sliding glass doors?
7. If I want to bring my bulk trash, metal recycling, brush or leaves somewhere instead of waiting for my zone collection week, where can I go?
8. How can I purchase an additional automated container, is it new; will it be the same size? How do you know what address each can belongs?
9. What if I have a problem with my purchased automated trash can – does Public Works maintain the cans we bought?