Virtual Court is at 9am and 11am only. If you have a different time on your notice you must appear in person. 

9am virtual is for people who are not represented by an attorney.

11am virtual is for people represented by an attorney.  

If your notice says 12:30pm; you must physically appear in person. 

•When: February 21, 2024     Register for virtual court.

•When: February 28, 2024     Register for virtual court.

•When: March 6, 2024            Register for virtual court.

•When: March 13, 2024          Register for virtual court.

•When: March 20, 2024          Register for virtual court.

•When: March 27, 2024          Register for virtual court.

** After registering, you will receive a confirmation email directly from ZOOM, on behalf of the court administrator, containing information about joining the session. If time has passed and you haven't received the confirmation email, please check your junk/spam mail or call our office so that we can verify registration has been made and we can send a duplicate link. **

You are required to watch the VIRTUAL COURT OPENING REMARKS anytime prior to the court session. By joining the virtual session, you are certifying that you have watched the opening remarks.
​Please note if you watch the opening remarks on the day of court you must still register below for the appropriate date and click on the link sent to you by ZOOM, it does NOT automatically take you into the court session.

​Virtual Court Session:
  • When you register for a session, you will be given a personalized link. Please do not share the link with another person or that person will join under your name. EACH PERSON MUST REGISTER THEMSELVES unless you are sharing a device.

 Watch this video for tips on how to participate in a remote court event

​In an effort to mitigate public exposure to Covid-19, Stafford Township Municipal Court will be conducting virtual court sessions when appropriate. A virtual court session is a legal proceeding and is treated as if you were physically in the courtroom. The court is utilizing ZOOM to conduct our proceedings. If you wish to resolve your case virtually, you will not have to physically appear in court. The court is reaching out to parties with pending court dates. If you would like to reach out to us directly; please submit the Virtual Court Information form.​​ Please note the Virtual Court Request Form is to provide your information, if you have provided your email already scroll to the top to register for your court session. If you haven't spoken to the prosecutor do not worry, you will also have an opportunity to speak to the prosecutor virtually on the day of court.​​​ ​

Before your court date
​​• You will receive an email asking you to register for the session. The email will be sent at least a week before your court date.

• If you don't already have Zoom downloaded to your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet, please do so upon receiving your emailed court notice. This will avoid any delays on the day of court. You may contact the court in advance to schedule a test session.​​​

​• You must view the court’s opening statements: Click here to see a list of available languages.

​​Day of Court​
​• Log onto the court session at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. This will allow you the opportunity to resolve any technical issues. Remember to click yes when you get a message from your electronic device asking for permission to access your camera and microphone.​ ​
​​• Please be in a quiet room to avoid background noise. If possible, use earphones to avoid any feedback.​​ ​​Dress appropriately!​​

• Upon entering the virtual courtroom, you will be in a waiting room and will remain in that room until the court staff let you into the court. ​​​​​
​​• After you are admitted into the main room, your microphone will be muted and remain muted until your case is called. A brief explanation of the process will be given and then you will be put in a breakout room. You will wait in the breakout room for the prosecutor to join the room to discuss your case privately. No one else will be in the room so no one can hear your conversation. Note: the prosecutor will be speaking to everyone scheduled for court so there will be a wait. When you are done leave the breakout room not the meeting.​

• When the Judge takes the bench everyone's microphones will remain muted. The court will request that you unmute your mic and turn your camera on when your case is called.​​

​​• Upon completion of your case, the judge will excuse you. Your microphone will once again be muted at which point you may leave the session / meeting. ​​

After court

• Within 2 business days, the court staff will call or email you to provide you with information on how to make your payment. If a week has passed and you have not heard from us, please call or email the office to follow up.​​
​For more information please review the virtual court guidelines.